How To Do Makeup For Black Women Beginners

The classic smokey eye never goes out of style and suits everyone. Create a wing along your upper lashline using a blue eyeliner. To begin, apply primer or a concealer on your eyelids. Next up, apply a shimmery shadow in soft rose pink into the crease of the eye and slightly above it. Blend lightly into the crease, ensuring a gradual mix of the two shades.

Smudge it on the lid with your finger and pat matching shadow on top of it, blending it out into the crease. Using brown eyeshadow, use your eyeshadow brush and focus at the base of the crease to achieve a gradient look. Fill in your eyelid with green eyeshadow.

When done properly the smokey eye is sexy and sophisticated, and with the option to create the look with different shades ranging from browns and golds to greys and blacks, you can wear the look for numerous occasions. Only use your darkest shadow till halfway up your eyelid.

For more of a cool-toned, brown smokey eye, opt for shades of brown that have a taupe or grey undertone to them. You can use a bold black liquid liner for a dramatic look or, for a softer look, a deep brown pencil is also a great match. Take another very small, soft brush and gently blend the two eyeshadow liner colors together under your lashline.

Define your upper lashline with the black eyeliner. Blend the dark crease shadow outwards towards your brow bone. Cool skin tones look great in black kajal pencil while dark brown works well for warmer tones. This look suits most eye colors, but it tends to pop out more on light eyes.

Line your upper lashline while holding the pencil as close to the lashline as possible. When you're doing a smokey eye, make sure you use a concealer for your under eye circles to avoid raccoon-eyes. For even more color dimension, lightly dust an orange eyeshadow to the inner corner of your lower lash line and olive green to the top lash line.

Blend the classic makeup tutorial for brown eyes color out properly with a brush. Now use a brown eyebrow pencil to draw a line that traces the crease of your eye (you'll feel it as the point right on the eyeball). Next, pat on a light shade of gold, covering the entire eyelid but stopping right underneath the crease.

Create a wing along your upper lashline using a blue eyeliner. To begin, apply primer or a concealer on your eyelids. Next up, apply a shimmery shadow in soft rose pink into the crease of the eye and slightly above it. Blend lightly into the crease, ensuring a gradual mix of the two shades.

Using a neutral palette, pick the eyeshadow color closest to your skin tone and apply it on your eyelids. Apply concealer under your eyes and on any dark or red spots, and then apply a powder foundation over the top to set it. Apply the color straight into the crease of the eyes, working back and forth.

Tightline your upper lash line by applying kohl on the upper waterline. With the black eyeliner, create another wing closer to your upper lash line. Apply a primer or a concealer to your eyelids. Gently blend the colors until the blue, purple and gold subtly blend into one.

Next up, line your lower lash line with black eyeliner and then smudge it ever so slightly to achieve a smoky effect. Using a flat brush, cover your eyelid with the nude eyeshadow as a base and so your rose gold pops out. I made my brush wet before dipping it into the shadow, to give the color extra intensity as I was applying it. Im using this color over my lid, and under the crease, but blending upward into the crease so the colors blend together naturally.

Take a pencil in whatever color you chose and make a thick line on your upper lash line. Apply a winged line with the black liquid or gel eyeliner. Once again, use a brush to smudge and soften out the kohl along your lower lashline. Apply a primer and start by covering your eyelid with a nude eyeshadow for the base.

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Yesterday we told you about how we are living our lives lately in perpetual jet lag We're tired - a lot. While travelling on long flights, do some exercise to boost your endorphins and stretch out the kinks that might have developed during the long flight. Try to schedule a flight so that the local time of your destination is close to the time you usually wake up. Many flights that cross multiple time zones are intentionally scheduled so that they land in the morning.

Take 0.5 mg of melatonin 13 hours before the time you want to wake up. Higher doses will not help you fall asleep any faster or easier and may cause other problems. These can be useful when the optimum light exposure times occur during the dark in your destination port.

THERE are more so-called remedies for jet lag than there are time zones, from long-standing antidotes like No-Jet-Lag's homeopathic tablets to new innovations like the Valkee Brain Stimulation Headset, which was tested earlier this year by Finnair and purports to alleviate jet lag by channeling bright light into the brain through the ear canal.

Most travelers try to make the most of their limited time overseas, yet fail to take into account the leap in time zones they make in a matter of hours. Indulging in free wine and cocktails is very tempting on long-haul flights - but trust us, it won't do your body any favours.

According to research from Harvard Medical School in the US, your body clock temporarily resets when you forgo food, so avoiding in-flight meals en route to your destination (or for 16 hours, the experts suggest) can help you adjust to the local time faster.

Once you board the plane, move your brain to the destination time zone. Twenty-four-hour karaoke in Japan , early-morning markets in London , sunrise in Sydney - amazing travel experiences await those with jet lag and insomnia. I don't recommend taking the risk of changing the timezone the night before, but rather some days before.

Advancing the body clock is way easier than delaying it. Being aware of this fact, helps you prepare in advance so you can change your eating schedule to fit the new time zone. Jet lag will likely end in a few days after you arrive. Daylight is one of the most powerful ways for your body to reset its internal body clock closer to the actual time.

Plus, the departure and destination airport fields are incorrectly populated for the return flight. This recovery time is worse than if you flew smack across the globe, crossing 12 time zones, which is about the distance from New York to Japan. Sunlight helps your body clock ease into the new time zone and helps suppress melatonin (the hormone that tells the body to go to sleep).

These artificial stimulants will affect your ability to sleep and increase jet lag recovery time. Both Banerjee and Donaldson also say taking the hormone melatonin can assist in shifting your body clock. If you have traveled across several time zones and feel the symptoms associated with jet lag, you likely have it. If your symptoms of jet lag are severe, do not go away after a few days, or you have any other concerns, see a doctor.

After the third long-haul trip in as many months, together with the stress of the situation, I couldn't handle the jet lag any longer and so I decided to check out melatonin. However, the hypothalamus cannot readjust its schedule instantly; it takes several days.

Research suggests that exposure to strong light at the right time is the key to shifting your body clock. Our flight leaves Sydney at 10.25pm arrive in Honolulu at 12pm. Even with ample preparation, though, many traveling parents don't know what to expect when their children encounter a new time zone.

Give yourself all the time you need to overcome your jet lag and don't be disappointed and stressed when you don't Body Science completely recover overnight. Adjust your sleep schedule before flying: your body will thank you for it. Internal Time: Chronotypes, Social Jet Lag, and Why You're So Tired : By chronobiologist Till Roenneberg, Internal Time investigates the connection and conflict between biological and social clocks and how social jet lag affects almost everyone.

Ideas For A Comic Book Obsessed Couple

Play and Go Adelaide Events, Activities, Playgrounds for Adelaide kids and families. Excluding those who work either in intergalactic or interdimensional settings, most superheroes are city-dwellers. This1988 song pays homage to the heroes in our lives who stay in the shadows, content to allow us to bask in the glory and let us shine. Whether you're attempting to disarm a doomsday device or simply seeking to better understand the likely impact of your extreme exposure to gamma radiation, you could learn a lot about the superhero game as chemistry major.

Choose one player to be the superhero. We have just added Superheroes” to our theme repertoire. Give yourself time to learn the dance and practice it. Although these are moves just about anyone can successfully learn, your act will be funniest if you perform the dance as closely as possible to Napoleon's dance from the movie.

Super hero themed photobooth. I use themes like Under the Sea,” Outer Space” and Around the World” as a framework for activities, engaging children's rich imaginations and making it more fun. When you think of a superhero at work, you might not necessarily picture a dancer.

As the political scientist and Upshot contributor Brendan Nyhan has written, correcting facts that are wrong or misleading may be successful some of the time , but people's psychological attachments to their political party make them likely to resist information presented even by objective sources.

I am sure you might have played treasure hunt in your lifetime or may be knowing this game. To become the superhero they need to polish their skills by overcoming many obstacles. You'll have the instructional skills to fortnite teach others, which may make you a strong candidate for leadership in the event of a crossover superhero team-up adventure.

For this you can make clues on the superheros itself and in the treasure box you can have special superhero costumes and badges. The message behind this 2001 song is that heroes are not indestructible. Set a timer or play a song. As a superhero, you must be more than an enforcer.

I have attended two superhero themed parties and i am planning to have superhero theme for my next birthday. Learn more about the origins of our STEM Superheroes festival. Batman married Wonder Woman in ceremony full of the world's greatest superheros thank goodness all the evil masterminds were on holiday that day.

Let the kids mingle around and ask each other Yes-or-No questions until they can guess their superhero identities. Of all the superheroes that have become household names, Spider-Man is the one whose movement most closely resembles dance. Any actor who headlines a superhero movie faces significant pressure; that's simply the nature of the beast.

This legendary on screen kiss has to be one of our favourite ever superhero movie scenes. If you have a team, dress up as each other's opposing superhero and villain. The final superhero to arrive in Times Square to save the GMA” studio was small in size but full of power: Lego Batman, played by Rob Marciano.

The point is, Namor really sets the mold for superhero marine biology majors. These super sleek superman cufflinks from Tales From the Earth would be perfect for the modern day hero, thanks to the elegant black and silver design. Place the superhero costumes inside the phone booth.

We at Bounce and Party need all superheroes and villains to unite and help us defeat all the evil grown ups from revealing our secret identities. The players have to dash to the corner with the superhero that matches the music. The party officially kicked off with the girls getting changed into their favourite character's costume and posing for some fun shots in front of the photo wall.


Do you want random Tinder users to see where you've been? Similarly, for those who may be expecting the next swipe on Tinder to lead to reward, serial swiping can start to look and feel a lot like addiction Not surprisingly, in 2015 Tinder began to limit the amount of daily right swipes to around 100 for users who don't buy into their premium service, TinderPlus And yes, there have already been reports of Tinder withdrawal for those who have tried to break up with their Tinder account.

The mutual friends function means people almost come with references - if you've got 10 Facebook friends in common with a match, chances are you could be on to a winner. It finds your location using GPS, then uses your Facebook information to create your profile but don't worry - nothing about Tinder will ever be posted to Facebook.

If you want to avoid that situation, you might consider creating a dedicated Tinder Facebook account, optionally with 100 hand picked likes you'd be happy to share with a potential match. The first flaw is a result of Tinder lacking HTTPS encryption for photos, opening the door for hackers to see pictures users are scrolling through.

People seem to find it easier to connect via Tinder and things tend to go faster because there's less of a profile to slog through. And amid concerns about how Facebook is sharing user data, Bumble announced last month that iOS users no longer need to signup or login with Facebook.

Match Group stressed that Tinder profiles were now largely user-generated and that matching algorithms did not rely on Facebook or any other third-party data. If Tinder can also match people who happen to be in the same place at the same time, that could drastically change how people date virtually and IRL.

Swipes: Tinder lets you swipe left (reject) or right (like) on individuals and groups of people. Momentum for that feature pushed Match Group stock to new highs after earnings , including a record close on Tuesday; shares gained about 4% in Wednesday morning trading.

Match has also accused Bumble of trademark violations for using the terms swipe ,” swipe left ” and swipe right” But Bumble counters that the registration of those terms are currently suspended by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (the first two are suspended but the third term has been granted an extension).

Facebook's entry into the marketplace may boost user numbers overall as more people got comfortable with the idea of dating sites and apps, she added. If you use your Facebook account, your Tinder profile will draw your photos from your Facebook profile. • Match also claims that Mr. Gulczynski and Ms. Mick, Bumble employees who previously worked at Tinder, misappropriated trade secrets that they had learned and worked on while they were at Match Group.

With 20 billion matches to date, Tinder is the world's most popular app for meeting new people. Also, she noted Match can roll out similar female-focused features globally exposing my tinder on other brands, and has already done so at properties like Meetic, a European service that awards a gentleman's badge” to its most respectful users.

Ben Southerst, 29, from Earls Court, London, posted profiles on the dating app with five different looks to find out which one got the most matches. Users then swipe right” on profiles that they like or swipe left” on those they don't. All the matches then go to a shared list of names you both love.

Digital eligibility exceeds physical eligibility : most of the data imported to tinder by the users for their profile comes from their Facebook profile, which are sophisticated and calculated, making them a lot more attractive. By using Facebook to log in, Tinder bypasses the agonizing process of crafting the perfect profile, which is often the biggest barrier to online dating.

If you'd like to learn more about a particular group before swiping left or right, tap on profile photos in the group's photo collage. Swipe with Friends: Tinder has recently become more social, by adding the free ability to find other a group of friends to hang out with.

How To Reach Krabi By Bus, Train, Car, Flight

Krabi & Phuket are two of the main tourist destinations in Thailand. Also Phuket Town is probably the cheapest area on the island. Here are the steps on how to get from Krabi Airport to Koh Phi Phi. Ao Nang is well-served by white songthaews that run from the bus station and the 7-Eleven on Maharaj Rd in Krabi Town via Klong Jilard, Sai Tai, Ao Nang Junction Village, and Noppharat Thara Beach.

In addition to these busses, many private bus companies and travel agencies provide air-conditioned busses or vans to and from Krabi and these other provinces. These are the best fares found by travelers who searched TripAdvisor and a select group of our fare search partners in the past 72 hours.

For those arriving into Phuket Airport, our hotel representative or your own travel agent's representative (depending on your arrangements) will be waiting for you with a sign and will transfer you by van or by car to our private pier. The public minivan crosses using the ferry and bridge to arrive at Koh Lanta and will then drop each guest at their hotel.

I may have just been unlucky, but last August I was told the taxi wicket at KVB would call and ask the next van to stop by the airport on its way to Koh Lanta They would not. The island itself has various beautiful beaches that are often quiet but look absolutely stunning.

One of the smallest islands of Thailand, Koh Wai is hardly a major tourist hot spot. In 20 hours you can arrive right at the beach of Ao Nang. You can only get to Chiang Mai by plane or bus from Krabi and Phuket. Then, I would go to one of the islands, like Koh Lanta.

We stayed at the Mecure Krabi Deevana It was deeper inside the accommodation area then most of the hotels but it really doesn't matter because all Tuk Tuk fares are standardised at 40 Baht (for 2 people) and it takes just 5 minutes to reach Ao Nang town.

Professional dive centers such as Planet Scuba and Big Blue Diving offer courses and trips to varying sites depending on the season, while Good Time Adventures also makes Koh Tao's granite boulders their playground for climbing and abseiling. What happens next is crazy as we ended up getting in a stranger's car in Thailand to be driven to our hotel.

I'll be solo traveling Thailand for the first time in late November for two weeks (and am super nervous!). If traveling during the low season or if you miss the boat and do not wish to stay in Krabi, you'll have to ask in a travel agency about taking the minivan to the island via ferry.

Most island hopping tours include a visit to the Maya Bay beach, the iconic location How to travel Krabi where Leonardo Di Caprio found paradise in the movie The Beach” as well as a visit to the James Bond island, which was the setting for the movie The Man with the Golden Gun.” Last but not least, these island tours often also include a brief stop to the touristy and busy Kho Phi Phi island and monkey island.

Volumes have been published about palm-peppered islands and sugar-coated beaches of tropical Thailand , their writers waxing lyrical about pillow-soft sand and crystalline waters. Many of these beaches are located on small islands that are protected by National Park status so prepare yourself for crystal-clear, aquamarine waters and stretches of unspoiled coastlines.

It takes a leisurely 2-3 hours (depending on pick-ups en route), but you can opt for the much faster speedboat transfer to the jetty in Ko Lanta or direct to your hotel which takes about 20-30 minutes. And, of course, "The Beach" was filmed at Koh Phi Phi. Traveling by bus and ferry is a good alternative if you are a trip enthusiast and want to enjoy the time and journey looking at the green terrain and a tropical environment.

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